EAU Baltic Meeting 2015


Riga, Latvia’s capital city, will host the 2nd EAU Baltic Meeting from 29-30 May 2015.

Drawing on the talents and expertise from the region, the EAU Baltic Meeting provides a platform that showcases the scientific and research gains of the Baltic countries.

Expert urologists from across Europe join their colleagues in this annual meeting which aims to support the clinical and research careers of young and mid-career urologists. Aside from boosting professional exchanges, current and controversial topics in both regional and international urology are discussed and assessed. Prospects in treatment strategies and multidisciplinary approaches are examined in various activities such as hands-on training in laparoscopy, panel discussions, debates, state-of-the-art lectures and abstract sessions.

Riga extends a warm welcome to everyone with its charming ambience and colourful cultural life. For a comprehensive urological update and to link up with your colleagues, don’t miss the opportunity to join us in Riga for the 2nd EAU Baltic Meeting!

Ass. Prof. Egils Vjaters
Chairman of the EAU Baltic meeting

Prof. Bob Djavan
Chairman EAU Regional Office